John (Mixson, Mixon) III (1679/80)
Son of John (Mixson/Mixon) II and Grace
Ancestry: 1-John (Mixson/Mixon/Mickson) II (1655) 2-John (Mixson/Mixon/Mickson) I (1610)  

Born:  14 Feb 1679/80,
  Abington Parrish, Gloucester County, Virginia
Died:  27 Feb 1733/34,
  White Oak River, Onslow County, NC
Buried:  ?

Genealogy start.

Spouse 1:  Prudence Lide
              Born:     18 Mar 1682/1683 in Gloucester Co., NC (VA?)
              Died:     9 Jun 1738 (1728?) in Hyde Co., NC
              Married:  Abt. 1701 in Gloucester Co., NC (VA?)
              Buried:   ?
B: Abt. 1699; D: ?
Spouse: ?
Sabrah or Sabrath
B: 1701; D: 1724
Spouse: ?
B: 1702; D: 1799
Spouse: Elizabeth
William III
B: 1705; D: 13 Jan 1783 More (~»)
Spouse: Frances
* John, IV
B: 1719; D: Mar 1796
Spouse: Mary (?) or Joyce (?)
The "*" marks the direct lineage of James Gilbert & Wayne Clark Mixson.
Spouse 2:  Joyce Cleave Phillips
              Born:     Abt. 1689
              Died:     ?
              Married:  After 1729
              Buried:   ?
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Baptized shortly after birth. Index to Abingdon Parish Records, 
Gloucester County, Virginia, 1678-1761. John and his wife Prudence 
Lide are mentioned in North Carolina records. 
John made an agreement on a debt with Joyce in June, 1729. (Was this 
James Joyce?) Death may be 2/27/1733-34, Cartaret Co., NC. Sale of 
personal estate by the administrator of his will on May 1, 1734. 
The Colonial Records of North Carolina lists William Mickson and John 
Mixon, (could be father and son, or brothers) as members of Craven 
County Militia in 1754. 
Maiden name may be Cleave, she was widow of Phillips.