John (Mixson, Mixon, Mickson) I (1610)
1610 - 1655
Son of Richard (ca 1569-1682) and Elizabeth (1592-1643) Mixon (or Maxen)

Born:    1610 in England
	 (some records show 1604-1633)
Died:    1655 in Gloucester County, Virginia
	 (some records show 1664)
Buried:  ?

Genealogy start.

Spouse:  Ellen Lnu
              Born:     ca 1620, England
              Died:     Perhaps in 1655 with birth of * John II
              Married:  ?
              Buried:   ?
* John II
B: 1655; D: 20 Dec 1710
Spouse: Grace

The "*" marks th lineage of James G. (1942) and Wayne C. (1944) Mixson.
Originally from:

John Mixon I was the headright from England to Virginia. 
Mickson, Mixson and Mixon on different reports. May be from 
Dublin Ireland - Loyalist - Seafaring man. Probably arrived 
on English ship "Orange". Note from World Family Tree Vol. I, 
Pedigree 3708: 
"May 22, 1650 John Mixon was transported to Jamestown, Virginia 
with 106 persons by Captain Moore Fantleroy, for which Captain 
Fantleroy was given over 1000 acres of land on Rappahannock and 
Potomac Rivers." 
From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent, Patent Book, p. 194: "To 
Capt. Moore Fauntleroy, 5350 acres north side of Rappahannock 
River, 22 May, 1650, on Farnham Creek. Transportation of 107 
persons." John Mixon, one of the names mentioned. 
Ancestors migrated from VA to NC then GA, SC, LA, AL & TX 
On Tree #2521 (Pope) - died "1655 beyond the High Sea" 
June 30, 1680- petition of the Inhabitants of Albermarle County, 
North Carolina, to the King  relative to riots and disturbances, 
etc., under the regime of Governor Sothall. 
One of the signers Mr. Mach Meckson. 
*** Other early Mixon records*** 
The Parish Register of Carlton, Suffolk, 1575 and 1578, record of 
baptism of three children of William and Martha Mixon and death 
of one, the two survivors are William and Alice. 
Parish register of St. Benet and St. Peter, Pauls Wharf, London, 
Vol,111 records marriage of Steven Mixon and Anne Lislie, August 
16, 1648. 
1704 List of Tithes in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Va. 
John Mixon 400 acres (Virginia Magazine of History, Vol.33,Pg.342). 
Public record office, Colonial office papers, S.C. (006/398): Land 
Grant to John Mixon 150 acres, Craven Co. August 8,1753. 

Genealogical Abstract of Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Vol.1 
Wotten register, February 2, 1658, Ellen Mixon, wife of John Mixson 
witnesses Will of John Taylor at Walton-Upon-Thames (Surry). 
(Wife of our John I?)