Henry Walkup Mixson (1886)
1886 - 1963
Son of James Darlington (1848) and Mary E. (Reeves) Mixson

Born:    1 Sep 1886
Died:    19 Nov 1963  
Buried:  Flemington Cemetery (NW Marion County, FL)
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Genealogy start.

Spouse 1: Mary Eugenia (Geiger)   (~»)
              Born:     26 Jan 1877
              Died:     10 Oct 1935  
              Married:  22 Dec 1921
              Buried:   Flemington Cemetery (NW Marion County, FL.)
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Spouse 2:  Elizabeth "Bettie" Bertie/Berta Boulware  (~»)
              Parents:  William H. Boulware (14 Aug 1851-21 Feb 1922) 
                        & Alice W. Boulware (18 Sep 1857-21 Oct 1927)
                        Note: Elizabeth is buried at the foot of the graves of William & Alice; 
                        based on this, and the relative dates, it is assumed they are the parents.
              Born:     26 Feb 1885
              Died:     27 Oct 1953
              Married:  15 Jan 1936
              Buried:   McIntosh Cemetery, McIntosh, Marion County, FL

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  • Burial Information

    1-James Darlington Mixson(1848-1928) 2-Charles Jones Mixson(1811-1881)
    3-John C. Mixson, Jr.(1765-1836) 4-John C. Mixson, Sr.(ca 1738-1809)
    5-John Mixon/Mixson IV(1719-1796) 6-John Mixon/Mixson III(1679/80-1733/34)
    7-John Mixon/Mixson/Mickson II(1655-1710) 8-John Mixon/Mixson/Mickson I(1610-1655)
    1-Mary E. Reeves(1867-1903) 2-Jonathan Wells Reeves(1846-1922)
    3-Gilbert Reeves(?-?)  

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