Johann Georg Rauch (1720) (~»)
1720 - 1773
Son of Johann Daniel (1676) and Anna Ottilia (Weber) Rauch.

Born:    8 Jun 1720 (Some records show 1717)
	 (Some records show Oderheim, Rheinland, Pfaltz, Germany; 
	 others Desloch, Meisenheim District, Germany.
         Latter most likely. Landed in PA.)
Died:    5 Feb 1773 (Some records show 1772) Amelia Township, SC
Buried:  Reported St. Matthews, SC possibly on private property

Genealogy start.

Spouse:  Maria "Mary" Kohler (Also shown as Mary Rhump.)
              Born:     1720
              Died:     ?
              Married:  17 May 1745 
		        Reformed Lutheran Church, Obermoschel, Germany
              Buried:   ?
* Andrew Smoke (~»)
Also Andreas Rouk/Rauch
B: 1755
D: 1834/35  
Spouses: See link.
Thomas Rauch ( ~»)
Also Thomas Rouk/Smoke
B: 1746
D: 1800
Spouse: Barbara Inglemon
John George Smoke Also John George Rouk.
B: ca 1759
D: ?
Left SC; moved to Berks Cty, Longswamp Twp., PA ca 1778.
John Bernhard Rauch  (~»)
Called Barnet Smoke
B: ?
D: ?
George Michael Smoke/Rauch/Rouk   (~»)
B: 16 Jul 1760
D: ca 1820/30
Spouse 1: Warbuck Kruline
Spouse 2: Ann Norton
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1-Johann Daniel Rauch1676-1752 2-Hans Peter Rauch1604-1625/54
3-Reichardt Rauch1604-1685/94 4-Peter Rauch1553/82-1603/45
5-Wendel Rauch1500's-1603/04  

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