Onnie's Hog Liver Pudding...
Source: Onnie Lee Mixson (B: 1883)

This recipe was found with some old family papers.  (Onnie was my grandmother.)
It's not a joke.  This was an honest to gosh dish done at "hog killing time".

1 hog head
2 livers, with lights (lungs)
2 hearts
2 sweetbreads
4 kidneys

Add other meats like "melts" or other meat.
Cook until tinder and grind on sausage mill.
season with salt, pepper and sage to taste.  Mix 1 1/2 cups cooked rice with
what you were going to use right away.  IF KEPT ADD NO RICE.
Stuff in large caseings.
Cook in the water where the hog head was cooked, about 15 min.  Do not boil,
just simmer.
you kept the part after it was stuffed in caseing hung like sausage and hung
in the smoke house - THIS WAS WITHOUT RICE.
Cook in the oven enough for a meal until brown, ate with hot biscuits and sirup 
were Best ever.
This was made ever butchering day.