Language Redefinition By The Liberal Left


The liberal left is gradually trying to redefine words and phrases in a concerted effort to "sound" good and wholesome. In reality, they are hiding numerous heinous beliefs in the hope that the general public won't recognize them for what they are and what they're doing. Below are examples. This is a "work in progress", so visit often for the latest additions.
Anti-War Counting Anti-War Protestors Assault Rifle
Bad Decisions Bush lies
Centrist Evil Exotic Dancer
Hollywood Air Heads "I Did Not Have Sex..." jihad
"Late Term Abortion" "Pimp" Pro-Choice
Needles are OK This War Is About Oil Reality
Recreational Drugs SUV Toxic Chemicals
Anti War...
A thinly veiled way to hide an anti-USA and pro-socialism mentality.
Bush lies...
Democrats just can't bring themselves to present serious arguments/alternatives.
They just can't bring themselves to accept that President Bush is the anti-Clinton.
(Fabricated personal attacks are their only tool.)
So, truth=lies and (their) lies=(their) truth.
Anti War protest counts...
Big numbers sound impressive. However, the thinking person quickly realizes the world wide count of millions of pro (Saddam) Iraq protesters is far less than the number of his own people that Saddam Hussein has killed.
Assault rifle...
OOOOHHHHHH! The media jerks really love (to misuse) this one. Such sensationalism. Never mind that the "assault rifle" name is legally assigned to only a few such weapons. What kind of attention would they get if they said "Joey opened up with a squirrel gun"?
Bad decisions...
A way of covering up criminal activity. "He/she's not a bad person. He/she just made some "bad decisions"." Yeh. Right. They best be damn glad I'm not the judge/jury.
The liberal left's new word to define a more right wing leaning. They seem to think that referring to themselves as "centrists" will fool the public into thinking they are not far left. I have news...spreading a film of disguise over themselves and true conservatives will hide their true selves. I have news. The feces will still smell.
Anything that happens anywhere in the world that's distasteful, mean, vicious, etc., that the leftmost folks equate it to the USA.
Exotic dancer...
A stripper by any other name is still a stripper. The liberal media loves this one. Give me a break.
Hollywood air heads...
These people use their visibility to mislead. You can best thwart them by not viewing their shows or listening to their "music" and by avoiding advertisers who support them.

	George Clooney
	Sheryl Crow
	Sean Penn
	Ed Harris

	Dustin Hoffman
	Spike Lee
	Ed Asner
	Chevy Chase
	Whoopi Goldberg

"I did not have sex with that woman..."
Their leader tried that one but it didn't work, at least not totally. It has had the very unfortunate effect that many many young people...teenagers, believe that oral sex isn't sex and is therefore OK.
The liberal left is doing its best to remove the real meaning of this word from the minds of our children. Some current history textbooks don't even include it. Others include it with it being defined as "...merely as a struggle for a Muslim "to do one's best to resist temptation and overcome evil...". Hello? do these jerks know that "...millions of Muslims - not all, but many millions - are taught to regard everything not under Muslim rule or control as "evil."...". This is what the liberal union based education associations are doing to define the world as they choose to see it as opposed to how it really is. Today, our children suffer. Tomorrow, the world will suffer.
Late Term Abortion...
A not so very thin veiled attempt to hide from the truth...infanticide/genocide/murder.
The interim term, also too scary to use, is "partial birth abortion".
In any case, it involves pulling the living fetus partially from the womb and then using a vacuum device to break into the skull and suck the brains out. (And the bunny huggers complain about cruelty to animals...sick people, for sure.)
Real meaning: A solicitor for prostitution.
The "new" definition: One who is "cool" or "suave".
(Puleeeze...give me a break.)
Pro Choice...
A phrase used opposing the "Pro Life" phrase describing anti-abortion folks. It sounds so much better than "pro death" or "I believe in murder of innocents".
Needles are OK...
So the leftwing "entertainment" industry would try to show.
A recent episode of the NBC program "Fear Factor" presented self mutilation by piercing a contestants arm with several needles. The "lesson", of course, was that this is a totally OK thing to do and to do so merely demonstrates ones ability to overcome fear.
Listen up, people...this is what you and, more unfortunately, your children are being taught.
The is yours. The "off" switch and the boycotting of any manufacturer who would sponser such tripe.
This war is about oil...
A phrase used as a crutch because of refusal to accept reality. In truth, the US gets, perhaps, 8% of its oil from Iraq. Hardly enough to fight over. Now, in the case of France, it's quite a different story. They have huge business dealings with Iraq, so their anti war stance has nothing to do with war and everything to do with protecting their business dealings.
The name given to TV shows that are so far removed from reality that it's unbelievable.
The left wing intent, of course, is to convince the "Joe Six Pack" public that this is representative of real life so as to increase the real and perceived decadence of our society. The more decadent the easier to put more $$$ in their pockets. Why? They don't have to think to produce this rot. They would have to think to produce a worthwhile show.
"Recreational drugs"...
Gee, we can't say "we were stoned out of our minds on illegal dope", now can we? Doesn't "recreational" paint a whole new aura? Give me a break.
The left's word to make their cut and run rantings palatable. I'm not fooled. Yellow streaks are easy to spot.
The tree-hugger/bunny-hugger term applied to create wrongness with Americans and the American automotive industry. Would you believe an actual news quote (from our liberal media buddies, naturally) that says "The SUV lost control and overturned..."! Never mind that the driver was high on drugs and speeding...The SUV "...lost control...". This kind of idiocy is absolutely amazing.
Toxic chemicals...
Another media term used only to gain sensationalism. It is used for everything from mayonnaise to mustard gas.