In Memory of Holly

Holly 1997-2003

Holly was taken from us at 7PM on 26 March 2003 as the result of a very tragic and improbable accident.    .

Holly was... friend.
	...the best and smartest dog ever. travelling companion, always ready to "go".
	...Robert's best friend; Robert was her best friend.
	...never a complainer.
	...a dog with an attitude...she truly thought she 
		was the biggest and baddest dog ever. attention getter.  Everywhere she went, she drew
		attention. Everyone loved her spiked collar.
	...a dog.  She knew she "should" chase the cats, but
		did nothing when she caught them.
	...a dog.  She knew she should catch small game and
		presented her catches with pride.
	...a protector.  Woe be to he/she who threatened one
		of us, particularly Robert or Stephanie.
	...a lover of peanuts and popcorn. She could hear a
		container being opened or a dropped nut from
		anywhere in the house.
	...a thinker. She would always bat the first offered
		popcorn to the floor, knowing it was too hot 
		to eat.
	...a thinker.  She would move her food or water bowl
		into our pathway when they were empty.
	...a thinker.  Knowing moving her food/water bowl got
		attention, she would kick them while we were 
		eating dinner...just to get Robert to come over.
	...a tease. She would approach you warily with a  chew
		toy, pretending she wanted it all for herself
		but, in reality, moving slightly closer all the
		time so you could grab the toy and play too.
	...a scavenger. She loved for me to cook so she could
		clean up the mess.
	...a lover of "Chuck", the afghan cover on our couch.
		Her day was spent sleeping under "Chuck" waiting
		for Robert to come home.

Holly was taken from us at age 5 1/2...less than 39 people years.
Holly was my friend.  I miss her dearly.