Remembering Heidi
Heidi: May 2003 - 10 August 2015

Heidi was...
	...a true Minature Pinscher. Thought she was the biggest
	   baddest animal around.
	...our friend.
	...the smartest of our 4 dogs. travelling companion, always ready to "go", until
           we both got older and she stayed home with her buddies.
	...Robert's best friend; Robert was her best friend.
	   She loved for Robert to come home and put her across
	   his shoulders. attention getter.  People always thought of her
	   as a Doberman Pinscher, but Min Pins are not Dobermans.
	...a dog.  She put up with the cat until she had her
	   pup, Bannan. Then, woe be to the cat who messed with
	...a lover of peanuts and popcorn. She could hear a
		container being opened or a dropped nut from
		anywhere in the house. I think that must be
	        a characteristic of Min Pins.
	...a scavenger. She loved for me to cook so she could
		clean up the mess.
	...Heidi was the only dog Lori's friend Chao-Min loved - 
	   renamed "3 Legs" during dog-sitting while we were out 
	   of town.  Heidi did NOT like to get her feet wet and 
	   would lift her foot to keep it dry.

A few weeks ago, it was apparent she was under the weather. She didn't
bound down the stairs; she barely stayed ahead of us as we walked down.
She coughed a lot and her breathing was not right.
At the back door she did bark, but not with her usual gusto. She did
go on outside and came back in a few minutes waiting to be let in.
Lori made her some special food as she appeared to not be eating the 
regular dog food. 
On to the vet. After a few tests they determined that he was suffering
from several issues and treatment was started. We were hopeful, 
as some improvement did occur. But things started going down hill.
Treatment continued with some very little progress seemingly made. 
I guarantee you she entered dog heaven dog heaven with gusto and
still thinks she's the biggest baddest dog ever.

We lost Heidi 10 August 2015. She had been in treatment for pulmonary 
edema, failing heart valve and enlarged heart. Her kidneys could not 
handle the treatments needed and gave up.