1880 Census, Miles John Mixson Household


1880 Census, Miles John Mixson Household:

                             Marital               Place of          Birthplaces of
 Name  	            Relation Status Gender Race Age Birth Occupation Father Mother
 Miles J. MIXON       Self   M       Male   W  	45   SC    Farmer      SC    SC 
 Sylvania MIXON       Wife   M      Female  W  	38   SC  	       SC    SC 
 Charly F. CALWELL    SSon   S       Male   W  	15   FL  	       SC    SC 
 James K. MIXON       Son    S       Male   W  	 7   FL  	       SC    SC 
 Eugenia MIXON        Dau    S      Female  W  	 3   FL  	       SC    SC 
 Miles B. MIXON       Son    S       Male   W  	 1   FL  	       SC    SC 
 Rosa MIXON  	    Cousin   S      Female  W  	33   SC  	       SC    SC 

Source Information:
  	Census Place 	Precinct 3, Marion, Florida
 	Family History Library Film  	1254130
 	NA Film Number  	T9-0130
 	Page Number  	107A 

Notes: - Misspelling of "Mixson" as "Mixon"
       - It is believed "Charly Calwell" is "Charly (or Charley) Caldwell" and
	is the son of Sylvania by prior marriage.
		See the Marriage License
       - Rosa is a daughter of James Joyce Mixsonand the 1st wife
	 of Tobias Anderson. She died in 1889.
       - Tobias Anderson was the father of Andrew Monson Anderson, the husband of my aunt,
	Amber Lee (Mixson) Anderson.
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