1880 Census, Household of Charles Joyce Mixson (1848)

1880 Census, J. C. Mixson Household:
                       Marital                 Place of               Birthplace of
 Name  	       Relation Status Gender Race Age 	Birth  Occupation     Father Mother
 J. C. MIXON  	 Self  	 M      Male   W    31 	 SC      Farmer  	 SC    GA 
 Sue E. MIXON  	 Wife  	 M      Female W    25   FL  	 House Keeper  	 SC    GA 
 Bruton M. MIXON Son  	 S      Male   W     4   FL  	   	         SC    GA 
 Joyce F. MIXON  Son  	 S      Male   W     1   FL  	         	 SC    GA 

Source Information:
  	Census Place 	Precinct 3, Marion, Florida
 	Family History Library Film  	1254130
 	NA Film Number  	T9-0130
 	Page Number  	98D   

JGM Notes (see headstones): 
           Surname is Mixson.
           Given name is Charles Joyce; initials should be C. J. not J. C.
           Son is M. Bruton, not Bruton M.